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Even the hint of a public corruption investigation by a state or federal prosecutor is enough to derail an officeholder’s agenda and end a career of dedicated public service.  Many public integrity investigations are instigated by political opponents or hostile special interest groups, and significant damage can be done by misguided or malicious prosecutors.  Fluctuating federal and state campaign finance requirements provide fertile ground for aggressive oversight agencies, and even the most conscientious officeholder can find herself ensnared by the technical requirements of the law.  More damaging still are allegations of bribery and abuse of power, frequently resting on the accusations of witnesses who may have a competing agenda.  

Whatever the cause, representation of an elected or appointed public officeholder presents unique demands, including an appreciation of the complex political environment and delicate public relations challenges confronting an official under investigation.   Many public integrity prosecutions can be avoided altogether with early, aggressive intervention and a thorough investigation. Especially for elected officials, understanding the political component of the underlying charge and the pressures facing the opposition are essential to a positive outcome.  

We have long provided successful representation to federal, state and local public officeholders in a wide range of investigations and prosecutions, with discreet investigations and sophisticated political analysis.  Where pending prosecutorial investigations are not yet in the public domain we appreciate the opportunity to achieve a successful resolution without any public disclosure or media attention.

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