S. Michael McColloch PLLC
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A company facing potential criminal prosecution is in a legal fight it simply cannot afford to lose.  The current regulatory environment places nearly every industry—and executive—at increasing risk at the hands of zealous agencies and prosecutors, presenting their targets with unfamiliar legal challenges and catastrophic outcomes.  The firm devotes its practice to navigating business clients successfully through this minefield, applying forty years of broad experience and expertise to secure consistent winning results.

Mr. McColloch has acquired a national reputation for successful white collar defense, a reputation earned by persistence, creative strategies and simply out-lawyering the opposition. What sets him apart are qualities that clients appreciate and lead to winning results:

Total Expertise  -  Lawyers are often challenged by the complexity of an industry and the regulatory framework imposed on the client’s business affairs.  But total expertise is necessary to a successful outcome. A lawyer cannot adequately represent a client—and customize a winning strategy—without knowing the industry, the client’s business model and the client’s objectives. Mr. McColloch customizes a legal team uniquely for each client that consists of top-tier lawyers and best-in-class subject matter experts, bringing unmatched synergies, competency and strength to the defense.

Creative Strategies  -  Cookie-cutter, by-the-book defenses are rarely effective in combatting aggressive or malevolent agencies determined to prosecute a targeted company or officer.  Mr. McColloch’s unique ability to design a successful game plan with creative strategies best explains his record of success against the most powerful government agencies and the biggest law firms in the country.

Early Exonerations  -  For many in the defense bar, it is common practice to await the filing of formal charges—such as the return of a Grand Jury indictment—before actively attacking the prosecution theories and preparing a defense.  Mr. McColloch rejects that approach.  A client is far better off with a dismissal, a declination, or a no-bill, where no formal charges are ever filed, avoiding the expense, publicity and agony of a trial. This is the approach he consistently pursues. Early and aggressive intervention can head off a case entirely—often avoiding any public disclosure.